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Just a woman trying to leave this place better than she found it. Farmer. Teacher. Creator. Cook.

Summer at Farmschool

We’ve got a variety of classes, courses and workshops planned for this summer season at FarmSchool. In July, we’re having our annual Summer Intensive PDC (Permaculture Design Course) followed by an advanced skills intensive, rounding out the whole month. In august, we have Wildlife Habitat Week for the youngsters with a new wildlife habitat activity[…]

Winter 2022-2023 Farmschool Schedule

Exact dates and locations TBA PRE-REGISTER HERE October: Permaculture Design Course (PDC)† November: PDC for Farmers* December: RetroSuburbia January: PDC February: RetroSuburbia March: Regenerative Social Structures COURSE BRIEFS: Permaculture Design Course (PDC) 72 hour course leading to an internationally recognized certificate in Permaculture.  This enables the permaculturist to practice permaculture design and to teach others. […]

Eleagnus umbellata – Autumn Olive

There is no scent in spring that @renaissancemama loves more than the one from these tall shrubs. Gorgeously redolent of spring. They are considered an invasive non-native species. They’re super tough to get rid of and attempts to uproot them often result only in spreading them. But if you can’t beat ‘em, enjoy them, right?[…]