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Floral Design

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Learn to arrange flowers for your own pleasure, or for family events using farm-fresh florals, foraged materials, or purchased from a floral shop.

We will cover the basics of materials, mechanics, and preserving freshness to elements of design and then walk through how to create everything from boutonnieres to table-top arrangements and hand-held bouquets. We’ll be exploring classical and modern styles from all over the world. When you complete the course, you’ll be well equipped to create any arrangement you can imagine.

Floral Design

For this course, you're going to need:

- secateurs
- a sharp knife
- crepe paper stem tape
- foam tape
- floral frogs
- floral putty
- corsage pins
- wet and dry foam
- hot glue gun and/or pan
- hot glue sticks and/or hot melt pan glue
- ribbons
- paddle wire (green)
- containers


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