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“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
 the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

Bill Mollison, Co-originator of Permaculture


“It is impossible to have a healthy and sound society without a proper respect for the soil.”

Peter Maurin, Catholic Worker

The Beacon

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The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.

Masanobu Fukuoka, One Straw Revolution

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Farm Walk

Eleagnus umbellata – Autumn Olive

There is no scent in spring that @renaissancemama loves more than the one from these tall shrubs. Gorgeously redolent of spring. They are considered an invasive non-native species. They’re super tough to get rid of and attempts to uproot them often result only in spreading them. But if you can’t beat ‘em, enjoy them, right?

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"This learning from the earth and from the people who work the earth or travel it, is of endless discovery and interest, and is like making a collection of beautiful things of many kinds."

Juliette de Baîracli Levy, Herbalist

We’ll cover it all including kitchen tools, how to measure ingredients, basic cooking terms, techniques, food storage, and how to stock a pantry. The course finishes with a selection of essential recipes that you will use over and over again.

“I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.”

William S. Coperthwaite, Architect, Author, Visionary

Found some spoons.

Today we’re starting our new school cycle. Three weeks late.

The day before we were to start, our son became seriously ill and is hospitalized as I write. Mental illness can be like that.

I was hurt in the process of trying to help him. Not seriously. Loving someone with complex trauma can be like that.

A week later I started feeling really unwell and it turned out to be shingles. It’s so much more painful than I ever imagined. I’ve been struggling and tired.

I ran out of spoons.

With my family’s support, I’ve been resting as much as possible. I’m still not quite back to normal. But I found some spoons. Just enough to get these schultüten made for the chidlers.

Traditions, routine, rhythm, beauty…. They’re all super important for building resilience. And we need that here so that we can weather trauma storms.

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Picture day for our little darlings. Soaps, candles, incense, and paraphernalia being photographed for the shop!

Who knows? We may even get a video shot, too.

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Had to design 11th grade for Sophie despite having dropped a boatload of $$ on a prepared curriculum. The files are not accessible and I can’t get help. So while I’m working on a remedy to that problem, I dropped another boatload of $$ on books for our own curriculum.

They look delicious. And the planisphere? Gonna be my new favsie thing.

Current situation. 20 spice racks from @ikeausa for curing soaps in my workspace. They’re exactly the right size for a loaf of eight bars each.

I have enough soap ready to fill 14 of them right away. Most of those will be ready to go in a couple of weeks and then I can start again. 🙂

All of this is a great way to help me focus and get grounded when things are hard. And they are really hard right now.

#mentalhealth #survivor #caretaker #trauma #selfcare #gratitude #joy

He’s home. The lion was a love note I gave him after his first hospitalization. The love note from this hospitalization is more ephemeral, but just as meaningful. Sunflowers 🌻 are his favourite, a fond reminder of his birthplace.

#mentalhealth #gettingbetter #allthelove

Ghormeh Sabzi for dinner. I doubled the recipe so that we were sure to have leftovers but they kept on eating.

Thank you again @cafebagheri for the wonderful recipe and instructions. 💗 And thanks to my friend Shirene for the inspiration!

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