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 the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

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“I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.”

The smoke has abated significantly since yesterday. It's still not great for those of us with asthma and such things. But the skies don't look nearly as smokey and the smell of fire has gone for us here on the farm. And look who came to visit!

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There is no filter on this video. The sky is really that smoky from wildfires in Nova Scotia. Not to diminish what those in NS are experiencing, but perhaps to emphasize how bad it really is. The smoke plume is terrible and we are suffering health effects far, far south of there. Praying that they are able to bring the fires under control and that folks there will be able to rebuild what they've lost.

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31 May

Farewell to May. June has come too soon. There is so much to do and everything begins to feel rushed. These few moments of peacefulness, quiet, and beauty are a gift.

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Happy Sunday friends and fam!
I'm in search of old beehives. If you have some old ones in any condition hanging around in an attic, basement, or garage, I'd be grateful to have them if you're willing to make a gift of them.
They will be modified and used to catch swarms or modified for re-use as permanent hives for natural beekeeping.
The primary aim is to increase our local population of honeybees. We have seen a precipitous decline in the local population of all pollinators. We have begun opening land that had been occupied by large blocks of landscaping trees in monoculture and will be planting those areas out to plants that attract and nourish pollinators including honeybees.
Secondarily, we will be able to harvest some products of those hives to help sustain the operation of the apiaries to come.

Send a DM or an email to the farm if you have one or more that you would like to drop off and we'll set up a time to welcome you!

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Medicine in the hedgerow...

Blackhaw is blooming gloriously this spring. I've only seen her looking like this once before.

Life has been very, very full here and I'm finding it harder to make morning time to post a clip from the farm. So this afternoon one will have to do. Despite the proliferous blooming of absolutely everything this year, we've only seen a total of 4 honeybees, which is way more than the zero of last season.

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"Tookey" is a wild turkey that has decided that we are her people. She comes every morning and every evening for food. She adores the wild bird food that the others drop on the ground from the feeders. She is always alone. There is a very large flock of turkeys that come through the farm - 20 or more. But this gal is a loner. We watch her walk up the drive twice a day, and back down after she's eaten. She seems fairly unperturbed by our presence.

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